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Here's Your Chance To Win A Online Marketing Audit Exclusive For Your Dental Practice

Thanks! You are a step closer to winning the contest!



Online Marketing Comprehensive Audit 

Duration: 50minutes - via Video/Audio (Zoom, Skype, mobile call for European clients) or Audio+desktop mirroring if needed

-Branding consultancy.

-Helping you find the targeted clientele/niche.

-Get you through cutting-edge online technologies.

-Audit of your Social Media platforms.

-Audit of your website and web presence.

-How to turn leads in customers.

-Customer Care ​- "word by word guide".

-A smart+ way of using Ads with high ROI.

-Help you identify the Lifetime Value of one customer.

-Marketing strategies.

-Acton plan via email​.



After submitting the form just sit tight and wait for the deadline. 

The WINNER will be selected by a randomising tool.

The winner will be announced via Email and via Facebook. All the participants will receive the announcement via email address used to submit the contest form.

The winner will receive an email about:

1. scheduling a time and a date for the audit to have place via Video/Audio (Zoom, Skype, mobile call for European clients)  or Audio+desktop mirroring if needed.​

2.asking to provide details about the project like, goals, brand story, marketing plan, and any other aspects that they need help with.

Dental Tools in Pocket



Having trouble filling up your waiting room?


Finding new local clients can be difficult without the right tools.


We often think the problem lies with our location or even the services that we offer.


When in reality the problem lies with our lack of marketing! 


In today's world, it is very difficult for businesses to differentiate and survive by simply using conventional Marketing that we all grew up on. 


Without using Online Marketing in our Advantage we can easily be left in the dust by those who are willing to capitalise on those channels.


This is why we specialise in providing high-quality Online Marketing for local businesses. 


We know your time is better spent serving your customers and growing your business then learning the new way to advertise.


Let us find those new customers so you can focus on the thing that you love!

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